The Top 5 Things We Love About Summer Camp At Silver Lake

Nestled among the rolling hills of New York lies a magical place guaranteed to bring you the best summer of your life. Silver Lake provides its campers with a unique camping experience in which they are given access to over sixty activities from Surf Biking, to Globe-Walking. There are so many wonderful things that can be experienced through spending a summer at camp, but a summer at Silver Lake is one that will stay with you forever. Here are a few of the many things we love about summers at Silverlake!

1. The Endless Fun

     Let’s face it, a summer at Camp is one of the most unforgettable experiences you will ever have. Fancy a canoeing trip on the lake? From water skiing to horseback riding, there’s no end to the activities you can be apart of and skills you can learn at Silver Lake! Yes, the fun is endless, but you’re also surrounded by the best of friends, awesome camp traditions, and Silver Lake’s oh-so-silly counselors!

2. The Lasting Friendships

     The best things about spending a summer at Silver Lake are the friendships and memories you take with you. Through a few short weeks, strangers suddenly morph into friends that you know you will keep in touch with for the rest of your life. A camp friend knows your deepest, darkest secrets and your biggest hopes and dreams, and supports you no matter what. With a Silver Lake friend, you’ve ALWAYS got someone to lean on.

3. Being Outdoors All Day, Every Day

     The truth is, you aren’t doing summer camp right if you aren’t covered in dirt at the end of the day. A summer at Silver Lake is all about being outside, rain or shine, and doing absolutely everything in the beauty of nature. Who needs air conditioning when you can take a quick dunk in the lake? You’ll never forget those nights spent sleeping under the stars and you’ll always remember the times you got caught in the rain, but kept having fun. There’s really nothing quite like spending time in nature with your best friends by your side!

4. The Endless Dancing and Singing

     Summer Camps are typically known for their songs, but a summer spent at Silver Lake is guaranteed to have you dancing and singing everywhere you go. It’s pretty ordinary for the counselor sitting next to you to burst into song during lunchtime! And it really doesn’t matter where you go on the campgrounds, everyone is either singing camp songs or dancing around to some of your favorite summer tunes! With a ton of talent shows and dances, Silver Lake is the place to have fun, be loud, and get silly.


5. The Camp Desserts

     You know the feeling! You’re completely worn out after an exciting activity on the lake and the thought of a sugary dessert is making your stomach growl. And absolutely nothing sounds better than a sweet, refreshing mouthful of one of  Silver Lake’s many decadent desserts after a long, tiring afternoon. We love having our own on-site baker who whips out some amazing originals such as elephant ears and black & white cookies. Is your mouth watering just thinking about it?


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