Silver Lake Camp – One of the Best Summer Camps in USA 2019

We are thrilled to be included in Newsweek’s list of The Best Summer Camps in the USA for 2019! Along with Chipinaw, Silver Lake was highlighted as a top camp and how it’s so important for families to attend camps that have accreditation from the American Camp Association.

Why is accreditation important? “ACA accreditation provides parents and the public with evidence that camps have voluntarily met health and safety standards through a peer review,” explains Tom Rosenberg, president/CEO of the American Camp Association. Rosenberg adds, “ACA accreditation shows a camp’s commitment to the safest and highest standards in organized camp.”

You can read an excerpt from the article below:

Counselors form a makeshift tunnel with their arms for everyone on the bus to run through; the excitement is palpable. Smiling kids bound down the steps, high-fiving counselors and staff as music from CHIP radio, the camper-run radio station, blares in the background. They practically knock each other down as they run towards the canteen…

With over sixty activities to choose from, taught by carefully selected and highly-qualified staff from around the world, campers are exposed to activities they would not otherwise have a chance to do at home. Where else can a child swing on a flying trapeze, launch a rocket they have built, and go down a water slide – all before lunch? It’s no wonder that so many consider camp the highlight of their years, living ten months for two as the saying goes (or eleven for one, depending on which of the camps they choose).

You can read the full article on Newsweek

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